About the work



What is this work?

This site shows a selection of my photographic work made between 1998 and 2009.  The current plan is to change the site content seasonally.

Are they originals or prints?

In the medium of film photography, the print is the original. Each print is handmade and different, and all are very limited in number. Some involved complex processes that basically eliminate the possibility that I could reproduce them in the future, even.

How was the work made?

The work was made in wet and dry darkrooms in Toronto and in Seoul.

A ‘dry’ darkroom is one in which the chemical processes of printing are handled by a machine; the person making the print just exposes the paper.  All the colour prints on this site were printed in dry darkrooms- one in Toronto, and one in Seoul. The paper I used is FujiColour Crystal Archive with a matte finish, which is known for having an exceptionally long life relative to other colour photo papers.

The black and white prints were made in a ‘wet’ darkroom in Seoul, so there were no machines handling the chemicals and every step of the printing process was done by hand. The paper used for those prints is Forte Semi-Matte, made in Hungary, which is remarkable for its heaviness and basically flat photo-emulsion that gives it a very smooth look. Unfortunately the Forte company no longer exists and very little of their paper can be found anymore. The life of the black and white prints should be near-permanent if they are handled correctly.

The photo-assemblage was hand-assembled from prints made by Camera Kingston, which also were printed on FujiColour Crystal Archive paper.

How is price determined?

Price is determined by a combination of different factors that include size, media, scarcity, archival properties and effort involved in making the work.

Is the work sold framed?

No. Everything is sold unframed and unmatted, with the exception of ‘Further #8’ which includes a mat. We recommend you frame and mat any work that you buy on this site as that’s what’s best for the life of the work. Custom framing is well worth it.  If you’d like us to have something framed for you, please contact us via the menu link above for a custom quote. Keep in mind that framed work costs more to ship though, so it will almost definitely be more cost-effective for you to ask someone local to you to frame the work after you have received it.

How will the work be shipped?

All work will be packaged carefully, and shipped with tracking and insurance.  Most will be shipped flat, with the exception of the colour prints which may be shipped rolled up.

How should this work be handled?

Ultraviolet light is terrible for all photos and for colour photos in particular, so avoid hanging these or any other photos close to a window, or anywhere that they might be exposed to direct sunlight for any length of time.  We also recommend custom framing to protect the print.

Got a question that wasn’t answered here?

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